Blizzard sues Starcraft cheat-makers Kabam games next?

Blizzard sues Starcraft cheat-makers
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Activision Blizzard is trying to sue hackers who have created cheats for its Starcraft II video game.

The publisher says the software undermines online multiplayer battles and could cause players to lose interest in the title.

It has filed papers with a California court calling for the unidentified programmers to be made to compensate it for copyright infringement.

One industry watcher described the move as “aggressive”


Deals with a simular problem. After succesfully taken 1 hacker down with the fbi another tries to bust the games again.

Time to put some screens in. All the “players” are 1 and the same. 1 alliance and main hacker H.

please use good virus scans and chachecleaners

Find X,Y

You can use this tool to find any coordinates on map.

Choose World

Player Lv Might X Y Map Lv City name
1 opol 3 0 50 48 1 NewCity8BPY0

Intereting dude regent of an alliance in world 103

Player Lv Might X Y Map Lv City name
1 NewUser-8B46Y 2 0 491 779 1 NewCity8B46Y


Raybo new player or? Indeed again:

Looks like a cool site to buy for hobbits mithril for a bargain. But there is catch.  You need a paypal account creditcard and THEY WANT FULL ACCES TO YOUR ID IN THE GAME AND PAYPAL!!!

Time to dig further. The site is bought at and the owner has 1800+ of these kind of websites.

Games are popular so hackers take advantage of it because YOU GAMERS WANT ALL FOR FREE. Big fail because they rob you blind, bust your game in attacks (it freezes and you get a virus or trojanhorse for free). What you need is a got virus scan and cache cleaner AND re install your game after every odd  hit.

So does wants scammers to host? No due to lawrules. Is kabam taking actions on gamers who send message with those links? Hardly. The take 1 down 20 come back. Why? They closed the ticket of the alleged gamer and re openend it mainly because they want no lawsuites and publicity. Bad for sales.

Where is this dude hiding?


Net.ce China. I bet not for long but he is still there:


And who is this dude? :


Who is the person behind all this? Who is user new-user, I know Kabam knows, fbi and Europol knows.

Update follows soon. Protect your accounts first.

Autor: Isabel Blanco “venividivici”

Ps 103 gc line chat harrash please more and more I dont give a “shyt” cause you talk to this dudes alts lol