Hackers kabam uses Lotro from Warner Brothers Brandywine to rob credit cards

Back in the game banned hildo prendre banned, bounsingsoul relentless aka shins banned. Hobbit keeps having issues but investigates all.

Some players use hacktools snafu recruits in hobbit world 103 to rob… Lord of the rings. Server Warner Brothers with direct acces to your credit cards snafu http://rt.com/news/fbi-wanted-list-russian-340/

Target credit cards directly. He cant get cards in hobbit kom because kabam had nothing only indirect relp with google and apple.

Unlock credit cards!

LOTRO is the real game mainserver world brandywine is from warner brothers. Unlock credit cards instant now. Kabam secured 103. No access to credit cards.

Hobbit game is just used for recruiting and confusion. By Alexej Belan. To go to Lotro mainserver game to rob you. His alt Yelt.

In 103 he recruits like bragger bounsing soul i asked him whats next kill me?
After hildo snafu bounsingsoul aha shins another new player shows up. Alexej is very active in recruiting in world 103. He only attacks to get the fcus on him, very nice done cause thats how they trace him. His ego gets to big, he makes to many mistakes now.

Hobbit is secured. He cannot acces the credir cards there so uses lotro the actual game server from warner brothers. At least thats what they say but 1 keeps hacking in and out robbing you blind hildo.