Kabam games a real story to tell

AUTHOR Jordan Kingsley ps lucky was research team not writer articles.

Comments sended anonymous
“Kabam lost tickets a lot”
“I am waiting months on a refill”
“We experience many errors”
“I paid a lot got little back”
“Kabam started treathing us fair after this release”
” I hate you the FBI interrigated me”

1 sended me this:

Op 26 mrt. 2014 22:32 schreef “Kabam Support” :
Salutations ,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us back.

As a player myself, I can understand how this matter has been frustrating and I greatly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

After carefully reviewing your account and your concerns, I was able to grant you the
700 bronze, 300 silver, 14 jackpot!s and 20 hobbit runecrafters to suffice for the troubles you are running into.

Respectfully yours,
Kabam Support

The chests never arrived price 20 mithril per chest 240 cost 17,99 euro

In a few days a lot has changed. Some are arrested, banned and booted however Kabam is not yet there in a fair gamers policy my friend still waits for his chests. They fired 5 persons who helped “vova” we hope they arrest him and his gang soon.

First you find is this on wikipedia:
Kabam (formerly Watercooler, Inc.) is an interactive entertainment company that develops and publishes massively multiplayer social games (MMSG’s), including “Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon”, Kingdoms of Camelot. Before expanding into gaming, Kabam established itself as a social applications developer with entertainment and sports communities totaling more than 60 million users. Founded in 2006, Kabam has offices in San Francisco and Redwood City, California; Austin, Texas; Beijing, China; Seoul, Korea; Saarbrücken, Germany; and Luxembourg.

Kabam makes “free-to-play” games for social networking services, its own web site, and other game sites. The company focuses on developing “real games,” or games with gameplay mechanics akin to more traditional MMOs. In late 2009, Kabam launched Kingdoms of Camelot, one of the first successful strategy games on Facebook, but now the number of players is constantly shrinking (about 60,000).

Kabam founded by Michael and Kevin Chou is a fast growing game site with many free games such as Camelot and Hobbit made after the movies lord off the rings and the Hobbit movies. No need to say it has miljon of gamers 1 of us dived in the games to see how it works and how Kabam threats its gamers, because a company normally only cares about the sales.

It is an experience to play games and discover at the same time that Kabam does care about what input they get from gamers. However games and hacking is unfortunate a combination that is hard to deal with and even harder to find them.

We decided with a few to research what can go wrong and how Kabam reacted on it. But first I want to say that Hobbit and Camelot are great games to play and you do not need money to play it, of course you can buy a lot sales goes up so many buy tuns off stuff in the shop.

This story is told to state that hackers are everywhere we all know how they try to hack banks, governments etc and now the gaming industry, facebook, twitter, social media is “hot” because there is money to earn.

1 person however still has a case open for 1 month spended a lot of money and waits for the refill of 600 chests of troops. Fail kabam.

What happenend with Kabam? They grow and grow faster then expected so fast that 1 sneaky hacker found a way to sneak in, we call him Mikey. He signed in, worked there a couple of months as game tester and found his way in to a few games, Hobbit and Camelot.

He used collegeaus to back him, handled cases if ‘missing items’ and putted them in his own alliances in differend worlds. We discovered it and notified kabam. We expected a “you are crazy no one get get into our system. But after that first reply we gave names of employers closing tickets without answering them.

A few who spended a lot of money in the game got pretty angry meanwhile I stayed in touch with them, talking solves more then angry mails and finf a few of “mikeys” buddies as gamers and employers.

Kabam booted all of them instant, they dit what nobody expected. We have them a research of 6 months also to the legal autorities few cybercrime sites all over the world and the FBI.

Dispite all the efforts of the hackers Kabam can not promise a 100% security it does have a protection shield, a toss and players who use illegal tools get banned. Yes dear readers Kabam is not sales only but very carefull in the prefent hacking entries.

Google for example “free mits” “block user login” and you find a lotand yes it is funny to cheat spend free mits blow up scored or block a uses to login. But do you really believe it works without being discovered?

The shield now picks all who try and “mikey” a most wanted hackers is out of kabam, spotted busted in time and cannot get in the system because the authorities placed a trace tool. I expect his arrest soon cause his hired gamers made a lor of mistakes.

As we speak kabam gives back all that is robbed by this failed attempt and those who use tools let me tell you this, these tools are found blind in the servers.

Conclussion: thanks to Kevin Chou a few got arrested fired and the efforts of his game team is not 100% safe yet but they care about their gamers and help to solve all the “missing” tickets.

And the games, be carefull don’t get addicted. It is nice to play them and gives a lot of fun but still it is just a game and when you miss something write support, they will help.

So dear hackers this one failed and those who use tools get rit of them the ban comes as soon as you want some wannabees because you are traced within minutes.

Yet 3 reporters and cybercrime, interpoll, fbi AND kabam made it a lot saver to play.

Believe! Ps thanks to lucky a lot is solved