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LA Songstress Eileen Carey Nearly Blown Away at Nashville Gig
In Music City for Country Radio Seminar and Media Interviews
Packs West Hollywood House of Blues March 22; Nickelodeon Appearance TBA

(Nashville, TN February 27, 2014) Eileen Carey almost went on tour last week without leaving the stage…
 Here’s what happened:  Just as Eileen was wrapping up her set at Rippy’s Bar in the heart of Nashville’s live music district, tornado-warning sirens began wailing all over town.  It seemed that the area might take a direct hit as it had in 1998 when a twister shredded the city’s downtown. 

 Before she and her band could unplug and pack up, they and everyone else in the club were rushed into a nearby parking garage two stories underground.  There they stayed for 25 minutes while fierce winds hop-scotched all around.
 “All I could think of at the time,” Eileen recalls with a shiver was Carrie Underwood singing ˜Blown Away” and how that might be our fate, too!
 To the relief of all, the storm moved on and the music continued.

 Apart from performing and dodging bad weather, Eileen was in Nashville to showcase her fourth album, Let It Go, and meet radio programmers at the 45th annual Country Radio Seminar.  She also did a series of interviews with national and international media about her music.  The new album was produced by Travis Allen Childress.
 “Let It Go,” Eileen’s first single from the album, has just been shipped to country radio stations throughout the U. S & Europe.

 The Ohio-born singer, songwriter and actor has seen her career flourish in Los Angeles, where she now lives.  She has won two Los Angeles Music Awards: the 2009 Americana Album of the Year trophy for Move On, and the 2010 Producer’s Choice Dance Single of the Year prize for “Out With The Girls”
 On March 22, Eileen will play the Foundation Room at the House of Blues in West Hollywood.  Her show starts at 8: 30 p. m.
 She will be featured as well on Nickelodeon’ nationally televised reality show, Take Me To Your Mother, at a date and time this spring yet to be announced.

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Visit Eileen on the web at: www.Eileencarey.com