Robert Pino in memoriam RIP rest in peace


Robert Pino man met een missie life coach strategist en presentator van oa “angstvanger” rtl4 is heden plotseling overleden. Robert was een goede dierbare vriend. De man die ik ken stond altijd voor je klaar had altijd advies en was altijd positief. Life alchemy noemde hij het. Ik noem het mensen mens. Robert ging verder dan wie dan maar ook voor zijn familie vrienden en klanten. Als jij je lach terug had pas dan was hij tevreden. We verliezen in Robert een groot denker en motivator maar vooral een fantastisch mens….. Rust in vrede Robert we hebben je lief en missen je nu al.

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Today’s executives must be conscious of the evolution of strategy to maintain a competitive lead. That means that companies must formulate their strategy based on their envisioned future and the inner strength of their people, and that they must strive for continual improvement.
R.P. Strategy Company, Inc. assist clients world wide to identify, develop, and implement sustainable strategies to neutralize competition and seize growth. We offer consulting, coaching and capability building for inner strength.

Established in 1998 and based in Chicago with affiliate offices in Los Angeles and Rotterdam, we serve clients world-wide with creative and sustainable growth strategies. We are a team of professionals and have broad experience in the manufacturing, retail, and service industries and have conducted assignments for large multinational companies, as well as mid size firms that can be considered as significant niche players and entrepreneurs. Together with your team of executives and based on our unique strategy and capability building concepts, we help managers create a vision, build the inner strength of their organization and its people, and devise a strategy for making their competitor’s strength obsolete, rather than attacking their competitor’s weaknesses.

We define our mission as “We create growth”. This mission encompasses top line and bottom line growth for our clients, intellectual and intrinsic growth for people, and growth for society as a whole. We strive to enable top management to create new growth opportunities by changing the terms of competition or even the nature of the industry itself. We work with you and your people in the area of the mind of a leader to bring lasting, positive transformation and growth. We work closely together with the people of the client company, and during the engagement we educate them simultaneously in business & personal skills.

It has been a privilege to create this together with our clients. Growth that will not only last for the coming few years, but also far beyond.

Robert Pino – Strategist
R.P. Strategy Co., Inc.
“The company’s challenge is to build true leaders”
Outpace competition and seize growth

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