‘Bryn Haswell – Hallelujah’

Authors Isabel Blanco

Meet Brynn Haswell a young musicia.

Twitter and social media like YouTube makes it possible to find a lot of talent. To talk to them and write articles about them.

Bryn Haswell was born in Addingham, a small village near Ilkley in West Yorkshire. The eldest of four children, Bryn realised he could sing around the age of 14 when his father pressured him into karaoke whilst his family were on holiday in Croatia, with unexpected results. After discovering his talent, he went on to enter several school talent shows and furthermore performed for his secondary school’s Spring Showcase, gaining confidence in front of an audience and leading the school choir for a version of Miss Saigon’s “Bui Doi.”

Aged 16, Bryn decided to try his hand at busking, performing all over the North East in places such as Durham Marketplace, Bishop Auckland High Street and Northumberland Street in Newcastle, to great success.

He regularly averaged 60 pound an hour busking, earning as much as 250 pounds in 2 hours before. The response to his busking was always positive, and in 2011 a passer by, upon seeing him in Durham, was inspired to form a whole management company around him. By 2012 the company, iMD3Media of Durham had branched and now had 8 acts signed to it. In August 2012, Bryn came up with the idea of releasing a charity single for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund at the Freeman Hospital, hoping to raise funds and gain promotion for his own career. Unfortunately his management were unwilling to back his venture and, feeling unsupported and restricted by them, he made the decision to part ways with the company.

Through busking, Bryn invested 700 pounds of his own money into releasing the single (available online at http://www.chufsingle.co.uk). Since then he’s raised over two thousand pounds for various charities through performing, organising multi-artist concerts and single sales. Alongside charity performances, he’s sourced his own paid gigs and concerts and is expanding his repertoire, reputation and clientele base all the time.

On the 3rd November 2013, Bryn got through to the regional finals of the National Open Mic competition, with the judges stating he had “huge potential”. Despite solely positive feedback about his ‘great voice’, Bryn narrowly missed out on the top 3, coming fourth overall. He was previously a runner up out of 250 contestants in Talent On The Tyne, ran by local charity The Lady Taverners, coming so close to winning the chance to support both James Morrison and the Sugababes.

The future is very bright for this experienced young singer as he lives out his dream. His voice and performance is only getting stronger, so please follow his progress!



Twitter: twitter.com/brynmusic
Facebook: facebook.com/brynhaswell
Website: http://www.brynofficial.com
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/brynibabes-haswell

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  1. Wow… very nice from you Isa, to make this blog about Bryn Hasell. Also thanks you write about me. The first time i hear his voice i thougt… Why is he not famous yet? Well i know i pushed him in the right direction… to you! Very glad you wanna help this pretty guy and hopefully he will be famous one day. For Bryn i wanna say…. Keep going and create your own style, so people recognize your voice. Good luck!

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