‘Silent Night’ the Christmas spirit dream

Silent Night

I have a dream this year for X mass a dream spoken by Martin Luther King 50 years ago. Freedom and respect. Join together and be one. Share love life and dare to be open to another.

ANC Madiba, Biko and Tutu dit it in the same years in another continent Africa South Africa in 1995 Mandela became the first Black (colored I prefer that word) President in South Africa. No more apartheid.

I have a dream today because all we share is what they dreamed of and achieved. MARTIN died before a colored President was choosen in the US and equility became law.

Last still misses in South Africa. Africa. Now white men are hunted down chazed its not what Madida and Biko wanted or Tutu preaches but it happens.

Almost 100 years ago Mahatma Ghandi walked his mars for Peace the “salt mars” calm and without violence he marked the 20thst century.

But we forgot.

I have a dream that this Christmas in this Holy Night God sends us the Angel we need to bring peace again. Respect and love. That learn to talk instead of fight that we stop the war of jihad. That Allah kicks his but under the asses of fundamentistic cults in Islam. That ” they shall not kill” will become important instead of killing.

Last century we learned democracy beforw that around 16-1800 that religious wars never solved anything at all. In fact Martin Luther is not happy at all he dit not want to divide the church in 2 but wanted the believers to be able to read the bible. Not fight over it.

I have a dream that we all combine our strenght together and knowledge so that when we shake the peace hand with Christmas Jesus can smile and say ” DAD they finallly understand the message of love peace and hope”.

My dream is act normal and be human again say farewell to the animal we became. …open your heart accept love and become free at last.


Author: Isabel Blanco

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    1. Flattered thank you and there is so much more to come, for example hollands got talents final live blog my new years special fireworks and 2014 with Steve Brown as columnist Yuli Minguel on this blog, hopefully Mitchel, Eileen Carey of course and so much more. BELIEVE and know you are loved

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