‘SHOCKING: Video unreleased JFK assassination’ I have a dream series

John F Kennedy, King of the Royal Family for the US, the status of the family is big in Politics even now after the killings of John and Robert and Teds death very recent. The influence of the family is huge.

John and Robert both had a good contact with Martin Luther King but could not help him due to their deaths with the civil rights never the less Everybody knew how involved they where. Robert walked with the mars in 1968 and John would have done so if he would have been alive.

His death however remains a mystery, who is Lee Harvey Oswald, we all now know that he was in favour for a better relation with Cuba, pro Castro, but his wife denies he killed John. So who dit? There is still this mystery of this 1 bullet that is shot and could not have been shot by the killer Lee or not.

John F Kennedy was the promised dream candidate president for the US the men who had it all, why dit they kill him in 1963 on this day. I doubt we will ever get to know the truth.

And that leads us to the dream of Martin, he wanted a world with no mysteries, no racism. John was no racist Martin was a friend. HE wanted that the FIGHT of Martin was a fair one. John in fact shared Martins dream but was president in a strange world just as strange as we life in Today. There was no respect there was many racism, a lot of wars in the making. What was there for him to do? He had Russia in his back garden Cuba, but going to war there was not a good idea it would have created world war III.

Is that why he was killed for Russia a war yo prefent it?

I do know that his murder, the murder of his brother Robert and Martin in these roaring sixties changed the world Forever and now in a time that we can learn from it, we turn around, look back but forget what it was about. Changing the world into a better place women and gentleman.

2013 is year where we have to find back our BELIEVE in a better world. WAKE up! Let respect come back into our hearts and with that we can walk Together down the Streets, no matter what color of skin we have, what religion we have or where we come from. BELIEVE and it will come that day that dream of Martin is there for us, all we have to do is grab it. Do you want to grab it? I do… Help me.