Clannad & Bono – In A Lifetime “I have a dream series”

Timeless once in a lifetime song. The combination of Bono Clannad and Celtic gives a power to this song which strikes you forever.

If you love music and are able to feel its power then this is a song on your list. If not then you don’t feel what music is about.

Music combines us. It tells us who we are. It does not matter what you choose to listen to or to sing or be part of. It is the ultimate feeling that it is as it is. Music has a certain energy that gives us the “ah” factor the most important one there is.

Think of a world without it? Impossible right? In fact Martin Luther King jr’s friend Mahalia Jackson who thought us “whities” the powe of the spiritual and gospel. The motown underground and founder of black music. It sounds so discriminating to say so but lord its a bkessing!

Our world would be nothing without that deep soul music. Thank God he gave us Mahalia.  Thank God she teached us.

Music combines and brings us together. We enjoy the Voice and listen to talent not look at color. The voice touches US our heart.

I was born to be a music lover. It is and will be my last love in all lifetimes and my wish is that we all be as one. And once in a lifetime it will happen.


2 gedachtes over “Clannad & Bono – In A Lifetime “I have a dream series”

  1. Wat een prachtige video, ik ben een groot fan van Bono (U2) en muziek kan je gevoel inleggen. De tekst en melodie kan een mens kippenvel geven, dat is wat ik ook bij deze video clip kreeg! Top nummer!

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