Sinterklaas / Black Peet discussion

What do you see? A Saint children a festivity for children just like Santa with X-mass.

Meet Sinterklaas Holland celebrates it december 5 and some celebrate Saint Niclas december 6.

According to some spokesmen of the commitee against racism of the UN WE may not celebrate it anymore. Our kids are in shock.

Statement “modern slavery” is a lie and a shame. The commity nor complainters NEVER studied the story behind it. The Bishop of Myra 342 AC who freed slaves who sticked with to help his mission to help children.

Can anyone explain me why the UN screwed up so huge? No racism no slavery all that is left are miljons of very sad kids and parents……

Its an acient story Black Peet is not a slave nor are we not willing to make him lighter again. Its none of it all. You misunderstood. Freed slaves working for kids sticking by their freeer. Is that Racism? No…