I have a dream 4 less-minder media controll

Media controll. Martin Luther King jr knew all about it freedom of speech and press where parts of his dreams and the US has a bride freesom.

But its not “for granted” in other countries.

Imagine Europe The Netherland. That little tolerant tulip country. Imagine media manipulation, imagine censorship (Demmink childabuse case Dutch Paper AD has been sued for bringing the case out). Censor and controlled media there?

The answer is yes. Denmink is not one example another is even more dangerous. Politics!

As we speak there is a crisis and budget crisis in Dutch Parlement. The Government wants to cut 6 biljon over the back of its people. Oposition fights against it and somewhere down the line campaigning started.

Its not a fair campaigne 1 party hits the full blow in getting demonised. Its followers are called Nazi’s its followers wishes totally ignored. We have town city hall elections in 2014 and one party D66 is trying nasty and hard to wipe out the PVV so called right wing party. Also leftwing party SP is demonised. Less but its terrible that media follows strickt orders in THE NEWS to bring! Freedom of press or controlled? Today a so called ex PVV revealed why he left cityhall. But forgot to mention he dit not show up for more then a year to perform his duties. He calls collegeaus “greedy folks” but he is greedy to in getting paid for not working!


Our Dutch nation also faces a controlled release of Volkert van der G who killed politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002. No remorse at all he wants a day of to resocialize. Imagine the anger! He comes out may 2014. In bringing this WE learned he was out a day in 2007!!!! Nobody knew we are still not over this murdercase.

Our Government party use this release for a day now to say “no” why? To win our hearts. We still don’t know why Pim was killed unreveales motive and roll of Politics.

Yes another coverup! We do know that he has no remorse and would do it again.

We wonder who is next? The frontman of the PVV who won’t stop spreading his freedom of speech? We all know that polls show him and social party SP going skyhigh. And that some people with a “strange roll in this killing are Parlement members”.

Strange is the roll of D66 in defense against the Government in words. In reality talking behind everyones back WITH the Government over the new Budget since the Government is short in members in the Senat.

We call the leader Pechtold Prince of deceiving in his double jeopardy. You can allways know his next crowling move into Govern by lies and broken promises.

Last elections broke me in two I dit not vote and after research I am totally ashamed of our pseudo democracy. And how we are informed with censorship.

We have a right to vote but it stops there. We are not proper informed it stops in The Hague politicians decide what we hear, see, read and manipulate the news.

Democray these days brings back old times. The leaders cannot rule they need Technocrats whom we kicked out in the 18th century because they see the people as a working taxpaying cow!

Lord help us. Revolution open up and take this bull anymore.