American History X “I have a dream” 3

Those who saw this movie hopefully understand what it is really about. Radical groups seen through the eyes of Danny brother of Derek a Neo Nazi.

Hate, racism, neo-nazi, white power.

Yound it every where around the world in one theme “fundamentalistic” ideologies. Color is left or right winged OR a relgion or idealogie. YES unfortunate the roots are everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr said “one day we will walk down the street as one” partly we do. However 50 years ago a few years after WO II it seemed difficult. It was not. It is NOW difficult.

Most see Hitler now as a guy with a strange mustache who wrote a horrible book. In WRITING worsed author ever of you ask me.

Now many survivers of then are diseased Nazi’s still in courts dispite high ages their victims dead. Punishment of a higher theme?

Or an example to us to wake up! Religion, radicale groups, fundamentalist preach up till today a simular madness.

Kill in the name of Allah, God, racistisch power, ultra left wing or the ultra right wing.

Its about the danger now in a world on the loose. WE are in serious problems.

Derek had Sweeney his highschool teacher and a BLACK men who changed his ideas and turned him around. To late for his brother who preached his prayers of hate. Danny was shot the day after his brother left prison and awakened that hate is not the answer.

So what is this dream? Its the source of this nonsens called HATE.

Social Media is full of it. Twitter is like a rollercoaster where it gathers together. In using it as a game to spread hate.

This huge problem will ultimately end up in death! YES people seek and herrash. Take the “heard opion accounts” to chaze them of twitter in ridiculous hate attacks.

So you hate killers how many must suffer from you? How many victims do you want? You kill me more then Assad does in Syria right now.

I call upon an action.

Ban hate from twitter! How? Easy ban-block-spam-report BUT do not what they want you to do shout back. IGNORE them it hurts them more then you think. Accounts shrink by the day.

We must win this war of hate because words kill also people.

Join us and follow our action to make this world a better place again and kick their asses of this stage. Let their hate not become a worldwide hate campaign to destroy for…. WHAT? Most do not even inderstand WHAT they say and WHY! They think its a game.