9/11 I have a dream part 2

Today I want to tell you more about my dream on this very same day that changed not only the US but the entire World. 9/11.

I can choose over thousands of movies to show to you the destruction this attack which lead to the war on terror. But what started it? War starts somewhere and today we fight over religion. Instead of God it is Allah and that gives us the right to kill and attack innocent people because some fundamentalistic leaders said so.

We believe that we learned enough from history from Christianity however Islam living in 1432 has not learned enough. The force in the Middle Ages which lead to over hundreds of years of religious wars and inquisition is now called sharia.

Let me state clear I believe in freedom of religion but not in rooth fundamentalistic ideologies who dominate our world today.

9/11 created a chain of wars over religion we are back in the dark middle ages why? Read the books know your history and learn that we do not have to tolerate this.

YOU and I can choose today right now, to stop it. Religion/Ideology AND leading a country into “democracy” is not possible.

YOU, Islam yes you, you call yourself “intelligent” in all the cults that you have, you burn books so the flock is not aware of the things that were done in the past, we learned so you can to. It is a no go area Religion dos not rule! IT is a religion not a way to to make it power over people because you make the same mistakes.

Ages and ages of war made clear that a country cannot be lead by a religious leader no go area.

My dream? Easy, learn to accept that, grap the hand of the UN and other people TALK and not fight your wars. Aren’t there enough killed by now?