Eileen Carey news. New album coming up and she rises up to become a big star



No doubt that we love Eileen and follow her career. From actress to fulltime country rockstar she is now hitting it of in every way you can think of. Seen in the biggest show to perform, in interviews, radio her star is no really rising. I think I was in time with my interview. We will keep you updated here at Believe!


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“This week, award-winning singer songwriter Eileen Carey will join Carolyn Fox in the studio as our special guest on the syndicated broadcast radio show, “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight.”
Eileen will give listeners a preview of new songs from her soon-t0-be-released CD, “Let It Go.” She and her music director and co-writer John Groover McDuffie perform some of this new music live in the studio.
To hear a taste of Eileen Carey’s great new music, tune your radio in Los Angeles to 1580 AM on Friday, August 30 at midnight. Don’t have a radio? Hear this installment of “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight” on the Internet starting Sunday, Sept 1 at the show’s website at CFoxRocks.com and at our blog at CarolynFoxRocks.com
– Carolyn Fox

Hi Carolyn,
Recently, “Hearts of Time” the title track itself, to Eileen’s second career CD, Hearts of Time has seen a re-emergence of radio play, both online and terrestrial, so we thought we would take a step back with that track. It sounds so good in broadcast! The second song we would like to use on the show is another throw back to the second CD, and it is called “Good Time Charlie”…very country rock, and a great broadcast track. Very music biz, Hollywood real and appropriate for the times.

Eileen and John will acoustically perform a couple songs that will be on the new CD that is coming out any moment???? The first they (John “Groover” McDuffie and Eileen) have performed on your show last year, and it is the title track “Let It Go”. The other one is called “Bottle Your Crazy Up”.
We are blessed to have a friend like you Carolyn!