‘Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream Speech – August 28, 1963 Islam wake up!

I have a dream. 50 years ago Mahalia Jackson the famous mother of Gospel all times said to Martin “tell them about your dream” and he dit.

This speech has been and will be an inspiration to most of us.

Yesterday on the anniversary I tweeted “yet there is still a lot of work to be done”. A lot has been achieved but not enough. Back then it was about equal rights for all. A lot changed in the US and outside the US but not enough.

Equality for all is something we take for granted now forgetting where it came from. That is the biggest mistake! We make that mistake on a daily basis cause we have no equality at all.

50 years ago Martin’s dream also was and is about respect. Indeed we take it for granted and yet we have no respect at all. We bully, we point fingers, we abuse the other dream “human rights” which we lost along the road.

Human rights and freedom of speech these days leads to wars, segregation and disrespect for the entire human race.

What is our problem? Where do we go wrong? Where dit it went wrong? It is respect.

Respect means a 2 way communication, culture acceptance but also acceptance that some things don’t go together.

Yes we can respect religions and ideologies yet that is a bomb under our modern society. We fight over it as we dit ages ago.

I have a dream to. Acceptance that religions don’t mix with politics, we must accept the fact that “sharia” Islam laws do not fit in the Western world. Yes we must respect Islam but most don’t respect us! That is a fact.

In Martin’s dream of equality our bomb is that we have “invited” something in our seculair world which is build on a religious book full of dogmatic issues which don’t fit in modern times.

He would say “I have a dream that one day we can accept that some differences must be in order for peace. We cannot mix old fashion with modern and need to respect that”.

So to close in his dream I say “Muslim I do respect your faith but your laws that the fundamentalists are forcing upon us don’t fit in our freedom”.

You will only fit in when you accept our culture and our rules. If not you don’t respect us. We moved on with our modern lives.

My pledge which I want you to respect is my dream that one day we can live together if you accept us.

Indeed readers we have still a long way to go if equality becomes force, respect means nothing, human rights creates wars and freedom of speech is taken from us.

Believe and make it happen.