There be dragons movie about the Spanish Civil War and Opus Dei

A journalist goes to Madrid to do research about the founder of Opus Dei Jozefmaria Escrivá. During the civil war in Spain. The movie discribes the war.

In Madrid he founds out that his father grew up with him. They went to the same seminary and departed from eachother. Both another way. Before the civil war started. At the end of the movie his father turned out to one of the communist leaders and his mother his Hongarian girlfriend. His whole life is a lie.

His father joined as a spy the communist. The priest tried to stay alive and founded Opus Dei little by litte. He fled Spain in 1937.

In this movie you see the world changing in Spain falling and sliding into a hidious war. Brothers against brothers. Total chaos and we all know the outcome.

Seein this knowing that most of my family lived during this war they lost relatives, lost children. It reminds why my dad left Spain in 1963.

Thank God he was not born in 1936 but later. But I understand now the suffer of my family and many more. The ghost stories are still there as well as mass graves.

And dispite the fact that the story is told many secrets have been buried for ever when Franco died. And even after his death the truth will never be told. We will not find the missing persons thousands of them.

Black page of the remarkable history of Spain where many people died. How, why and what about the still missing persons?

Believe we don’t need wars for peace we need to talk respect and honor!