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Get ready to SCREAM! The word is out and thing just got crazy. Special guest will show this year. For all the YouTube fans go hereSummer Fest on Venice Beach


Tania Estrada will host Summer Fest.

The comedy circuit has helped push Tania Estrada into the acting realm in both English and Spanish, already completing movies, Tv shows and a YouTube pilot called ‘The Real Housewives of Compton’with a new single out called ‘Who Da Baby Daddy’ and  a short film ‘The Basement’ starring herself as the female Pablo Escobar. Currently she is on the FM air waves as an on air radio personality on the Lou Pizarro radio show “Repo Radio ” that stems from the household name/reality tvcircuit   phenomenon “OperacionRepo’ The performances just got HOTTER!  Check them out The Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band brings a lot to the table.  Jimmy is a professional actor who plays Peter Wiggin in the upcoming blockbuster “Ender’s Game” to be in theaters Ir traden November. So go on uTube or any of the bands that performed at “Summer*Fest*Venice*Beach.”

 *The heat is on at Th 5th Ann Summer fest 2013, so save the date now.*  

See the Biggest Summer event that hits Venice Beach this summer.                                          IT”S SO BIG WE START NOW TO MAKE IT HOT!!! 

Over 200, 000 people will be at beach this summer and there about 50,000 people that run through the vending site

*”You Don’t Want To Miss This the Duncan set up – includes a play area with  ” Radio Disney AM” 1110 ” on July 27th only so come early to the Carnival Fun Zone they will only be here for 3 to 4 hours so You Don’t Wamt To Miss this.*Bring all the kids.

Just some off the 60 Bands and performers scheduled to Summer Fest FROM SUN SET STRIP BAND TO:

Starring Eileen Carey on sunday!!

1 Sorcerers of Madness  
2 *”Grampa’s Chili”*       
                 3 Graham Robby Band
4 * “Juk’d”  
*5*RandomNinjas  *                                                                         6 The Orquesta Cortez  

7 *Eileen Carey*  

8 Bazerk ILL Keynee  
9 Last Life In Universe Band 
10 *”Dirty Devices”*  
11 *”Wizeguy Theory”* MoZ  
12 Idania Moran 
13 ROCK NATION Bands/Performers                                                                                      14 *The Jimmy Jax Pinchak
  *15  Special guest BAND will Perform this year~ YOu don’t want to miss this..

Visit *Popcorn, Indiana’s “FIT Across America 2013” *at Summer Fest in Venice Beach.                      “The Biggest Loser” Season 13 Ambassador, Adam Hurtado will be attending the                                  
  5th Annual Summer Fest and passing out samples of FIT Popcorn, branded workout gear,                       and much more at FIT Mobile.

*”5th Annual Summer Fest 2013 in Venice Beach:”* 

This event opens the summer for Venice Beach. Hold your space now and don’t get locked out on one of the biggest Summer Fest’s in California.*”Sponsorship for Any of our event:  “*Please contact us in writing.

Costs shows:  Booth (10 x 10) – $475 Front/Commercial- $650   Corner – $575 
Food Vendor – $875 Drinks – $650 Entrance – $775   

Sponsorship Costs:  
Gold Membership – $4,500   This includes 30 x 30 booth. Logo on stage, all banners,                             fliers, ads, and website. Audio video adds on Flat screen

Silver Membership – $3,500    This includes 20 x 20 booth. Logo on main banner,                                   and website. Audio video adds on Flat screen

Bronze Membership – $1,500 This includes 10 x 20 booth. Logo on banner,    website and space in front 


We are quickly receiving a large response on this event. Attendees are buyers/shoppers, tourists, locals, vacationers, college students, parents, and kids. Everyone will be off to the beach to visit and see this event so we expect high traffic.

*About us: Fx3Events was established in 2000 and has been responsible for putting on craft shows, fashion shows, and coordinating with other groups for over 13 years. Our services include: fund raising, model searches, business marketing/generating leads, and new client research. We also provide booth set up for expos and festivals, as well as event supplies such as chairs, tables and canopies.  Our focus is on events and marketing for 13 years running. It our way to help out the economy giving companies a place to market and sell as we bring work to the community and help out many groups as well.

For marketing info call us or email us in writing.  
Lead, expo staffing for you next events, or just buy leads anywhere in USA.

*P.O. Box 461035 West Hollywood, CA 90046 *

*562-277-7174 / *

*We are ambassador for Children’s day and Earthday *


*S’kool Music of Orange County, the Alzheimer’s Association The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society SEND ME A PENNY which feeds help the homeless of Venice Beach, California.*
__________________________________________________________________________                          If you have art work, homemade items, products from your company or anything you would like to showcase we want you! 🙂 Message us for details on booth rentals. 
Entrepreneurs or vendors to set up a booth to advertise their merchandise 

Types of Vendors Desired: -home improvement -cosmetics
– health and fitness
– Unique Arts & Crafts 
– Jewelry 
– Natural fiber clothiers 
– Environmental goods, services & information 
– Peace Products -FOOD on only some events
The event we all been waiting for is back!!!

Hold your space now to get the beast location.

This event will be even hotter in 2013.

Greyhound Express and Starbucks VIA and TOYOTA
To join us at any of our events 

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