Jeanine Le Fevre paintings with poetry, master performance

Author Isabel Blanco

Jeanine Jeanine Le Fèvre

We all love art, and most of us are inspired by it. If you read this blog you find a lot of art. Jeanine is someone I met on Facebook and I found her art there. I think she is a great contribution because she combines paintings with poetry. Everyone who sees and reads her work get inspiration, feel supported or find comfort in her work. I was very happy when she finally said yes to do an interview so that everybody has a change to meet her and most off al her work and inspiring story she has to tell us. Be dazzled, be surprised she is a great artist.

Poetry and paintings combined, that is Jeanine. Tell us about this stunning combination.

It’s obvious, at least….in my opinion. If I look at a painting then it’s not really looking but reading. Through this, certain thoughts are crossing my mind, which can lead to another poem. It’s like music: Listening to music is for me pure emotion and stimulates my mind to create. It’s effortless! So, poetry and art are inseparable connected with each other since my childhood.

Jeanine, can you give a short introduction for our readers? For example when did you decide to bring your art to the scene?

For years my children encouraged me to put my art on Facebook. In 2011 my son created a page on Facebook and the rest is history.

foto 2

An interior designer that becomes an artist. Was it difficult to pursue your dream?

No, it was not difficult, because my creativity began when I was very young, having worked hard in the United States to become an interior designer, creating astonishing developments in homes and offices. My style has always been very contemporary and modern. Working with black and white as basics then adding splashes of colour to liven up my creations. This became my signature mark and remains so even today. Therefor I was very busy and wasn’t able to expose my artwork due to a lack of time. So, to answer your question correctly: I’ve been always an artistic person, as an Interior Designer is a creative profession and that was also one of my dreams.

Comes the inspiration for a poem after the painting or is the painting the inspiration?

As I said before, it’s a combination of emotions in my creativity. I can’t paint without poetry and reverse. Don’t forget….also music is very important for me to become that artist I want to be. Music is the voice of my heart.

foto 3

You have created a whole new branch in the art industry. Poetry in combination with paintings. Did someone inspired you?

In a way yes and no. I noticed that others also use this combination nowadays. So I don’t know if I created this branch. I would like to take the credit for that but then again, I’m not sure.  There is a friend called Humphry Brugman who once said: “If you ever have an exposition, combine your poetry with your art.”

If you tell us about your work, what is the most important thing to mention there?

That I can only paint and write from the core of my soul. It’s impossible for me to start a new painting or poem if I’m occupied by Illness or negative things from outside. Busy working with my painting and poetry gives me an overall sense of well-being.

Jeanine, you finally decided to open a stunning website. Can you tell us how you got inspired?

I wanted a website for many years but I thought I was not good enough to have a site for myself. And I also didn’t have the time to make one. Suddenly, last year, someone made a video from my art and I was so happy to see that. It gave me wings to go on and I started more and more believing in myself. The same person persuaded me to start a Blog with a place for my art, poetry and video’s. And as such, he made it happen.

foto 1

What is for you the most important thing to share with our readers?

 Never give up!! Keep on believe in yourselves and don’t take anything for granted. You have to do it by yourself and life has it’s own way to show you how to move on, how difficult it sometimes might be.

Creativity is best described as surrender and clarity.

Creations leads to satisfaction; It’s heals me and I hope others too.

Thank you Jeanine for this wonderfull interview and the time you took for me. Those who are inspired enough please check out her great website, read her poems and get blowen away by here poetry