Tornados devostation reach out pray

Just a couple of hours from now the whole world knows what happens right now the US. Moore County, Oklahoma City. In The Netherlands most watch CNN or follow it through social media like twitter.

It strucks us all hard. Yesterday we had our own national disaster. Two young boys Ruben and Julian 7 and 9 years of age where missing for tweeks. Their dad killed himself and was found may 7. He had the boy’s with him… And we all searched for them. They where killed. It struck is hard.

A day later we witness nature at his worst and again it strucks us hard. While the search for victims is happening right now my country is asleep and see the disaster tomorrow.

In times like these we weep unite and are one. We pray and hope.

The strength of the message is bigger then you think. The combined power of thinking changes us and combines us for a moment.

We should try to do that more often. Open up be there for another. I know how judging can end up. In an insanity of words and implications and lies. The creators have in fact no idea anymore what they say. Hard to keep up their lies.

But how can we handle that? Pray for them. As we pray for all who need it. Light does wonders and miracles happen.

Just believe you can change it in a split second. Love beats hate for centuries in a simple way. Light. And thats what we all need more. That combines and makes us whole again.

Reach out! Pray! Help and be there.