Holland is getting ready for the Crowning of King William Alexander april 30 2013




April 30 2013. The Press is gathered in Amsterdam.  Worldwide coverage of a Royal Crowning. A Crowning does not happen that often, last 33 years ago Holland will be shown all over the world this coming tuesday.

Today Prince of Orange William Alexander is King. For the first time in many many years. 123 years since we had our last King.

When Queen Wilhelmina was crowned in 1889 she was the first of 3 Queens. The Crowning is a state matter constitutional ceromony with a very long tradition in 1813 William 1 declared himself King and was crowned in 1815. This year it is 200 years ago that the Royal Family delivers the King of Queen on a row. Before William 1 we had Napoleon. It is by far in Dutch history the longest period for the Family of Orange Nassau.

A Crowning seems old fashioned, in Democracy we have Presidents, in voting rights you should thing the old Nobel system is gone, but as we can see for ourselves the World still has Kings, Queens and even one Emperor (Japan the Oldest Royal family in the World). Dispite old fashioned it has something special. It is the second Crowning to see for me. Back in 1980 I was a child and we were so informed about this event that I never forget what is happening on a day a Crowning in Holland will take place.

This is how it will go, tuesday, april 30 2013. Enjoy the event. It is not happening that often.

In the Royal Palace Paleis op de Dam in Amsterdam Queen Beatrix will sign between10.00-10.30 the official Act of Abdication.  This will take place with her familie, speakers of Parlement, State Secretaries of the Netherlands,  Aruba, Curaçao en Sint Maarten. By signing this document she is no longer Queen, William Alexander is then official the new King.

Speech on the Balcony

When the Abdication is signed the new King and Queen  Mother will hold a speech on the Balcony. Around 10.50 the 3 daughters of the new King will join them on the Balcony. They will be presented as the new Royal Family. There is a difference in the law for Royalty, we have the family of the Royal Family and the actual Royal Family. That will be now King William and his family, wife and Queen Maxima and their 3 daughters. Princes Amalia will be Princes of Orange as soon as her dad is King, next in line to the Throne.

Coronation (we don’t call it a Crowning) in the Nieuwe Kerk

In the afternoon around 14.00 the Ceremony will begin in the Nieuwe Kerk next to the Royal Palace. King William Alexander will be sworn in, Parlement will take their pledge (not all members will attent, it is a ceremony it is not a do so). The official word is “special meeting of both Parlements, 1ste and 2th chamber. The King will hold a speech, will be sworn in, will show his loyality to the constitution, and will state to fullfil his duty as good as he can in the name of God. Je Maintendrai.

There will be music, more speeches, a lot of Royalty and High Diplomats will be there. The Church will be packed to be honest with more power in the World in one spot then the United Nations has on a meeting or convention. Who knows something good might come of it with all those Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royals etc. They will meet for lunch and diner and it would not be the first event to talk about some issues.

Amsterdam has around 6 spots to demostrate if you are against the Royalty, the Monarchy. In 1980 Amterdam was 1 entire demostration of anarchy Lucky for us, it will be more quit on tuesday then back then. However, every Crowning of the Royal Family had their burdens. There happend Always something bad. (William II 6 people killed in the crowd for example).


Afther the coronation and special meeting there is of course the reception. Meanwhile in the country the festivities will start to burst with music, events, big shows etc. The expections are that most will watch first on TV the event and then go on the Streets to celebrate. After this the Kings birthday will be Kingsday, april 27. 2014 for the first time. It had been april 30 since 1948 when Queen Juliana was sworn in.

In the evening around 19.30 their will be a boat Parade with special guests, music in Amsterdam till around 21.30.

And then we have a King and a lot of people who had a great night before and great day. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how it will go. A Royal Crowning.