‘Anouk – Birds’ her song for the European Songcontext Malmo

Anouk better know world wide from “Nobody’s wife” and falling down made a unique decision. The Netherlands and Eurovision Song Contest have a love hate relationship. Many countries have an entrance more then 30 countries.

2 semi finals our favourite stop. We don’t get beyond that one. 9 years ago we were seen in the finals. After that the Dutch went in denial “it won’t happen again” so we had pretty “insane” competions.

This year out of the blue Anouk said “I will do it”. No competition to choose from she just wrote this song ” Birds” and releases her album a day before the finale of the Eurovision Song Contest. When? May. Where? Malmo Sweden and what are we Dutch doing?

Complaining. Dutch habbit. Number 1 itunes nr 4 in bookies and we say “boy I really love this song but …. ” . That’s us allright. But who knows she can make a difference!