Life is a book music not just a sound


Words with a deep meaning. Turn the page if you want to move on. Leave it closed if you want to sit around. Nothing will change then and stay the same. Just as simple as that.

Meaningless if you don’t try it. It’s scary we all know that but stuck on 1 page is even more scarier.

Same goes for music. Ghz is what we all know. Most sounds are recorded after the intro of the cd in 78 minutes and 440 ghz. Why? Chrystal clear they said but is that a fact?

Listen to old recordings 432 ghz. Hear the difference then you know why record artist keep using the old system. They do it now more and more. Why?

Simple they turned the page and want to bring the music into you so you can feel the other real vibration earthounded. The Chinese use these soundbite for more then 4000 years we took over a lot. Go figger!

Or try to listen to the clavesimble the first piano. Play Beethoven the way it was intent to be instead of ramble on it huge difference… We believe that we get more balanced with the old fashion recording. Why do we love a- capella so much or a singer 1 guitar or piano?

Resonance. It sounds so much clearer and better. You feel the music making a way in you mood. It calms you. Revolution? No but think about it. What do you want? Exactly let it touch you!