Mari’s dedication Silence to Italian Greek Painter Giorgio de Chirico

Mari, Marina Conti is an Italian songwriter living in Londen. More about her in another blog. This is about her song for Giorgio.

In Rome she visited the Isa and Giorgio de Chirico foundation, there former home and now a museam. Chirico died in 1978. Mari loves his work and manifesto for many years now.

While studying his work and reading his manifesto she realized the importancy of his legacy. In his paintings she found the song as if she had a manifestations of the synestetic princinple of his work. That let to an amazing dedication were music and art find eachoter in synestetic princeples. Giorgo led and Mari wrote his music to let his work come alive again.

Of course believe cannot leave unmentioned. It is what we are. We create a platform for artist and musicians. Soon more about Mari and her songs.