Greed feeds the rich pores the rest off the world

Bush jr is the one we are going to thank for the ongoing disasters with systembanks, the greed and the created poverty for clientele that lost their money.

The big B system bank dit what all the others dit “greed” and changed the bank into choas. 2008 it needed to be saved otherwise the system would collapse. Bush dit were he is good at, NO at the wrong moment. He had no interest no war for soldiers….

The system collapsed banks in crisis 6 years later we still deal with that the clients and stockholder. Every now and then a bank collapses or a country. Bush should have saved thst darn B bank. Chief Bush prefered his biljon dollars useless wars on terror. I hope we will get an answer in the way of it. Besides the waponindustry it has nothing to do with democracy!

We know now all the ingredients yet governments still let it happen the feed the greed! Politicians are quilty. For years they let banks do what they best steal our money, mismanagment, corrupt well overpaid managers of course members of liberal parties in their homecountries.

Chief B brought shame upon us and the world he knew more but dit not act and created world war III poverty is its name. There should be a special trial for this but that is wishfull thinking every government should be punished there as they keep the system in tact.

Greed brings poverty. It is time we take action this time. Occupy for this because the more banks ruin us the more countries are in crisis. Shame shame on them.

There must be a way to stop it and there is SPEAK up! Give this a voice STOP greed….