‘Mahalia Jackson – Silent Night, merry christmass to the world

I remember the first time that I heard Mahalia Jackson sing I was 12 leading singer in a choir Ava Garnder played the leading part. Mahalia sang “many rivers to cross” and “ave maria”.

Since then 30 years ago she is my number one. I remembered her voice I had to sing Silent Night and Mary’s boychild (boney m) amd decided not to sing but to use my heart in it. While I sang people cryed. Mahalia made me aware of the power to use your heart.

Who else can I put here but hear my hero who teached the part you don’t get in choir music school and still music is my first love and my last one.

This year 2012 was a year that I would not wish for anyone. Many loses, my mother a dear friend an my bug also is not treathing me well. When death surrounds you most think back.

I dit that already and look forward optimistic cause I am planning a future no matter how many doctors say impossible. Well I am still here and stay here and Janelle for the space well the Believe team is great I know 🙂

2013 year of truth and dare for me. I dare to say 2014 is for me to! Infagitis or not I will survive this baby ain’t getting a change to end my life 42 no time. Sorry God I have other plans. And that is my gift to you. Optimism smile every day and go with the flow. Negative rubbish around you? Ignore life live to the fullest!