‘Maya denounce doomsday theory’ Maya doomsday 21-12-2012? Hell no hoax

December 2012 we think ‘holliday’ shopping, family gatherings, looking back on the year, moving on. But all at onca BAM panic all over the world. What is going on? The old Maya calender ends as it dit before. Sorry to bring the bad news yes a new era will start that is for sure ‘Aquarius’ yes WE are opening our eyes and yes we have enough of the era we life in.

So what predicts this calender or Nostradamus? Nothing much we have enough of our governments, wars, reclaim our rights, freedom and peace. In short we have enough of thrm in ‘charge’ of our ‘democracy’s’. Maya calender as first. If they would have survived their own power they would have given their cenote God a whole bunch of human sacraficis because that is what they dit. Bad times give the Gods fresh human blood or throw them in a cave the cenotes you finnd from Mexico Yuacatan till Guatamala where the real answer is.

We have a calender prediction in Europe some scientist in Switserland interprets ‘water’ other’s say 3 days of no sun but peek at the calender!!!! It is not ending it has a eclips to restart! The Maya’s looked at the stars made the calender and dit not get beyond 2012. Everbody seems to forget this calender started BEFORE Christ was born! The actual Maya culture fell apart around 1000 A.C. so no more looking at the stars. The end water. Our wheather people predict rains snow. But is the end then water? Nope after that there is a golden sun. A new era. Well it happens people wait for the end of times but it doesn’t come. We seen it before Waco Texas, Japan, French Gyuana ( no worries his son has a new cult with the assistant of David Koresh), France as we speak and a guru from Belgium is climbing with you the Kilimanjaro for 14000 us dollar. Enough to choose right? But why should you.

Sun is no dakness nor a acapolypse. Mmmm what a bummer. There you are a firm believer. You dig yourself in, go to France to the ‘ufo’ mountain or to mount Kilimanjaro in Kenia. Good for tourism AND the phony fake predictors. Bad for you you sold everything to seek a place in a UFO! Wake up. Yes it is possible you spot one, whill they ‘rescue’ us? No way we are worse then any animal at earth. No money can buy out a real doomsday. Besides that Notradamus goes way beyond this year and another 1000+ years. He predicts menkind going into a ‘fight’ make it our freedom fight.

We wake up simple as that. So a new era will come hopefully Nostradamus is right then we have less theocratic rulers in charg. We from the believe team are optimistic. No big happenings friday are we sorry to say that? Yes we are not getting paid for this message the doom predictor get’s paid’ sad. Isabel would donate a lot to the babes from Serious Request 3 FM in her hometown Enschede I would give a lot to Sandy relief.

We never opened an account dit not think of it. We messed up there but hey we are peace talkers not doomsday talkers. China has it in good hands predict wham jail till december 22 that is cool thing. We have a lot of people now in our networks who do ask, even get nervous. So readers there you have it there is no news no ending no darkness maybe some bad wheater. That is it and the next day you really are nervous because of Christmas shopping! That is what will happen! Do we have all we need? Food, present, donations, traveling to family, peace if we are lucky, a lot of good things to think about. Messy or not? Boy we hate to bring the news that life will go one…..no ending. Winter starts that is certain.