We want a better world let us start here at believe


We may have different religions, Differend languages, Differend collored skins, But we all belong to the human race…. Deep words with a deep inner meaning. We are so used to put people in boxes, stamp them, condem them and we don’t even know them at all. My last tweet ‘ Camelot was a mess before King Arthur came no we have a virtual hell called Spamelot. Where is Arthur when you need him? He is here among us all holding excallibur in his hands. I saw him, so fit you but you are blind or dit you see what I see? For those who have a religion I wish I could say he is here but that is a matter off feeling and believe, faith to be precise. However the core is not killing eachoter! Thy shall not kill!! Nor slaunder as well. Respect is pretty important and we don’t need a religion to tell us that. Now that we know it excist what do you want do? How do you want to help the believe project? Mail ibelieveblog70@gmail.com and let me know. We make a difference!