Ken Dulin’s greatest hits

Ken Dulin is a well known songwriter. His passion rythem and blues and back home playing quitar harp on the porch with timeless lyrics who mean a lot to many people.

His greatest hits are for sale now on cdbaby Ken’s greatest hits . Nice to know for the coming month december.

Ken bought his first guitar at the age of 13 and started playing on the South California beaches and the west coast. Up and down to let people to get to know his music. He dit this till he reache the age to be able to play in bar’s and clubs ( as Ken say’s ‘ as long as I ditn’t drink ). In the 70ties he played with musicians like Linda Rondstat, The Boy’s, The Steve Miller band and he played also at the ‘Tin cup Races’ in Olympia Wahington. The young bloods, Flash Caddilac played there and Ken played with the Jonathan Davis trio as founder of it on prime time. Ken knows a lot of people in the biz in being a lot back stage at that time in Washington. He missed a jam session with Steve Miller though due to a lady drugs booze:-)

After that he played in the Bay Area in San Fransisco. He wanted to record with th Jefferson Starship band in L.A. he dit a TV show together with the Rolling Stones music writer Spooner Oldman and Joan Biaz. Ken womanizer as he was back then asked out Joan for a lunch date not knowing that her husband was there to 🙂  he had to apologize to him… but the show dit very very well.

After this show he performed KMET live on the air he was the only one who played live untill today. Ken refuses to playback live performing is his live! Meanwhile he made a lot of demo’s at Fat Change Studio’s, Columbia studio’s and Paramount Stucio. He met at Paramount Frank Zappa and his family recording 300 Hotels. Back then he recovered from his motor accident working on crutches.

Ken Dulin has a far from dull life he has his his own recordlabel studio at home and writes a lot o songs. Good music to ask for Santa