I believe I can make a choice

Some years are better then others, some years change us for ever if you are touched by someone to whom you ow your life to. This year is that year. My husband and I almost lost our second home. I had a terrible car accident and out off the blue she was there Isabel Blanco. The lady that kept me sound and safe.

Isabel teached me a lot she gave hope and faith dispite her own difficulties.

Juli two hurricanes one named Daniel, september one more and then superstorm Sandy came a week before the elections. We where scared a second house has it scares we where really scared but we dit not loose the house.
Change became forward but I have july in my mind a dutch family a Hospital in Havana Hermanos Almeijeras where they perform from time time a miracle.

I ended up after a car accident that happened on the Island St. Kitts. They flew me to Havana because of the outstanding card and I needed surgery on my back and broken shoulder. My back was broken 4 fractures lucy for me the spine was not at risk. They promised me that I would again and use my schoulder again.

In Havana I met Isabel and her father and mother who was very sick. Isabel drove the guards nuts in taking her daily walks outside the hospital. They where not just a patient that worked so extreme hard to perform a miracle on it’s own. She pulled off to get her most importan muscles in her left leg into level 4 she had muscle level 2! She has post traumatic dystrofia in her left underleg amd foot as well as some non healing fractures due to an infection that stopped her for getting the needed surgery on her food.

Looking at them their strenght and how they cooped with loosing their Angel ‘mama Cuba La Reina’ for the staff was a lesson for many on the same floor. That family was holding it together in their own way. My Spanish was rusty but that was no problem for Isabel and her father they where there just like that. No question needed Isabel popped up with Tamara. I have to thank Isabel for the fact that I am indeed walking. She dragged me into fysio. I dit not see the point but she dit in simply saying buthead you have 3 kids that need you, I am going to die but work my but off because I want that surgery walk bike and swim. She skipped dancing.

She draged me out of my bed something that no one achieved because I had given up on me. I had fractures internal bleedings kidney faillure and my first day’s I was in a sort of coma that lasted a week. Isabel got me back on track. She made clear to me how important life is and that is worth fighting for.

When I feel miserable my husband shows me the pictures of Havana then I mail or call Isabel and I feel fine. She is my guardian angel. I wish more will see who she really is. Strong caring not someone that gives up a fighter dispite her pain she is there when you need her.

I believe thanks to her thank you my friend:-)