‘Cher – If I Could Turn Back time…. Great song inspirition

If I could turn back time. That song reminded me when I heard President Obama say “the war is over” back in the year that where brouht into that very same war on terror.

Right now we all know how many lies we swallod to justify that war in Irak. Strange we put Sadam there for peace in the region! No more “oil” from abroad. Another promise.

Are we getting “green energy”? Lower taxes mmmm we heard that one before also. I wonder what the Republicans and of course the “teaparty” (rash) will think AND do in congress. We all know that Obama is the best choice but why do we stick in our nation in a two party system? What is democracy?

I am a firm believer of a strong democracy but we lost that a long long time ago. If we look around now what kinda freedom do we really have? It is scary in this world. The definition of freedom has faded away when we invaded Irak started in Afghanistan only to teach them a lesson “democracy”.

What stands now after one era of war? A depth like never before a huge gap in our and the world economy. If we turn back we should have bailed out that one big bank! That is when I doubted about democracy in general. Oh yes we can vote. But after that vote the world can turn into a deep rollercoaster…..

And how can we overcome this? “We together rule this nation” is the word we heard of our President. YES SIR. Boy we messed up big time mr President. Look at that other party big fat white voters. No collored hispanic voters! I wonder why and have a problem of miss “i can see Russia from my house Palin”.

That would have been a strange campaign. Tomahawk Palin against Obama. Miss Teaparty however has a huge saying. Do they really dress up like the Amish? No offence to the religion I mean the clothing. The Teaparty corrupts our nation! I have been to Holland get a grip that Country moved on or not?

At least the designers is what we waer. My jeans G Star I can’t do without. Can you? What can we expect the next coming years? A big clash in congress house of parlement. The President on his peace round around the globe. That is what they all do and we face ney ney ney for bills what we need. I wonder how Palin looks at Russia from her home….

I bet she thinks tsar don’t you? I have news Poetin is President. Yes Teaparty the world moved on! Changed a bit not much a few more countries wars that we started but hey that is gun fun right? I truly hope mr President that Romney will at least keep one tiny promise. Talk instead of buly! And I wonder what the world thinks of our nation. More debt then ever before and a 6 + billion campaign. Can we explain that? After Sandy?

We have a serious problem ladies and gentleman. Messed up big time. If I could turn back time. Well Cher what should we change? The war on fake terror the war in Vietnam. In fact we should learn to respect more! Instead of calling the UN for another war.

Damn if we go back in time there are only wars where we are quilty of or got faded and sucked in. Maybe it is time to move beyond al that go back to the start of our nation rewrite the “wars” change our tone and tongue and act normal. What do you all think of that? Love instead of war. Cher has been in that era right? We can do that if we want that.

However how do we get rid of that strange blow in the Republicans? I have an idea. Romney buy them out! Then we can move forward!

Ps. For the readers Isabel provides me with information at set times you find Dutch articles to here. However she “left the building” this is my blog inspired on the amazing legacy of a haunted blogger. I love her she is big inspirition and look forward on blogging together when she overcomes her disease.