Learn to love unlearn fear Halloween message


That is a qoute with a huge impact don’t you think? Unlearn fear! How do we do that? What if your fear is so deep that you fear your own fear? What if the fear is there out of some grudge you picked up somewhere down your path your road in life?

What if you do not want to let go and keep feeding yourself with it? Why do we fear anyway? My oh my fear brings up so many questions that it is so easy to hang in to it. But what will it give you? To be honest nothing. You will never reach the level that you can give and share or love.

Many of us fear life itself without wanting to know. It is easier to blaim someone else then to face your own fear. Selfreflection ladies and gentleman. When dit you do that for the last time? Or count your blessings? Difficult to answer right? WE are not used to it anymore we forgot and yet claim to be so openminded and spiritual.

We go to courses seek coaches undergo all kind of spiritual rituals but when we are home again we only remember the place. Where we slept food and the ones among the you connected with or don’t like. The innersoul healing faded away.

We life in a sad egocentric world. Our biggest fear is…. LOVE. The most simple thing there is. Love all we need is love. No wonder that so many people in art and music use it.

Boy we can learn a lot from them they have unfeared the fear simple to dive into the deep hollow thing called love. So what it is it what we neer to do?

Simple let go! Then you unlearn fear face life find love again. I know we messed up big time. And many blaim God kill in his name etc. But why? The symbol off unconditional love is God Jezus Ra It Allah or what ever name you want to give it. Go back to that the road.

Ask yourself what you miss AND what you fear. The answer …. Love! How simple is that right?

Our biggest fear is plain simple love not that spider or snake or horror slash movie. That is “scare” don’t compair it with fear! Unfear the fear and open up again. That is the only way to make a change for yourself those who surround you and hopefully many in the world.

I wish everyone love light and a better life because we can do a lot better then we do right now. I dare you challenge you. Unfear and start loving!