Dr Rock G. (Bortsendokter) vrijgesproken

Borstendokter’ Rock G. is vrijgesproken door de rechter in Den Haag.
De rechter vraagt zich af in hoeverre alles borstendokter te verwijten valt.   De vrouwen die hij behandelde hadden letsel opgelopen, maar het is volgens de rechter niet te zeggen of dat het gevolg was van het medisch handelen van G.


ZIE OOK: ‘Slachtoffers borstendokter Rock G. voor het leven getekend’ op de RTL NIEUWS APP.


BRON: anp rtl

Kabam keeps getting more and more in trouble

They announcend improvemt. Better helpdesk, more staff etc.

This however are comments from reality. Nothing changed. Its getting worse. Pretty worse to. Hackers paradise scams. Read the awfull comments. Nothing changed. We heard it got worse.


These following posts were made to the thread:


Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-26-2014 12:15 PM

—Quote (Originally by Kabam Dredge Pariah)—
This thread is dedicated to discussion and suggestions regarding the major changes occurring with Kabam Customer Support.
—End Quote—
Sorry, you guys can hire all the customer support you want. I’m remaining skeptical.


Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-26-2014 01:52 PM

New 3D maps,

Great but with extreme lag involved. I did before update sent food to troop city and on everage lost 2 mil. Now with this update on 2 occasions I lost over 60 mil food rss. On one, lost 35 mil food and other lost 25 mil food and this has been caused by new updates and the lag it has created. The only suggestion I would put forward is to recduce the amount of food troops eat.

customet service


Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-26-2014 02:34 PM

again we get the “improved customer service”   omg  how many times have you sent this.   No one believes anything you say. Sorry to say it’s TOO late 
your “customer first intiiative sounded good, but you are failing miserably


Posted by: xxx
On: 10-26-2014 02:59 PM

—Quote (Originally by Kabam Dredge Pariah)—
This thread is dedicated to discussion and suggestions regarding the major changes occurring with Kabam Customer Support.
—End Quote—
it sounded great, and was good for public relations, but so far, your customer support continues to be absolutely horrible. you close tickets without responding, except to say…”we can’t find a problem so closing your ticket.” The hero’s un-assigning and/or un-armoring during combat is one example. your claim of being out of gold is simply not true. And way too many people are complaining of the exact same issue for the issue to not exist. Many of us have lost multiple troops to this glitch you say does not exist.

Because your customer service is so bad, I will not spend any more money on this game. I will not recommend KABAM or any of its products to any of my friends and family. I will not purchase any KABAM product for any game console, phone or computer. There are too many other game makers out there that listen to and respond to customers.

I will continue to play tis game because of friends I have made. when your next glitch causes me to zero, then I will be completely done with you.


Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-26-2014 03:41 PM

Ok. So there has been a little but of progress with kabam. But it’s almost too little too late. I’ve been fighting with the csr’s about a few issues. Needless to say, 20min after I received a mail telling me that I’m sht outta luck, there’s an in game mail about how the customers are #1. Seriously??? So I’ve reopened and explained my case for the 10th time(literally). I for one will be leaving the game for good if my tickets aren’t fixed with no questions asked. It’s been almost 3yrs of the same garbage. If u want to keep a Lon time paying customer, fix my issues immediately!!! And maybe throw me a lil xtra for all my time and hassle trying to get these issues solved. I’ve watched countless people  with the same issues get compensation, yet u continue to tell me to goto hell even though I give U proof of your mistakes. Like u told the last csr, if it’s not sorted quickly and suitably I will quint the game. Enough is enough. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!


Posted by: xxxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 04:30 PM

Haha haha Kabams’ improvements to customer service are do less as there is not one reply from a kabam support member to this thread.  too funny


Posted by: xxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 04:32 PM

oh and to all of you making suggestions on gameplay… wrong thread read what the thread is before you post. you just prove how stupid the consumer base really is when we as the gamers can’t even reply to the right threads.
200 server prizes this season sent to wrong server


Posted by: xxx
On: 10-26-2014 05:14 PM

Hi u sent my prizes to 57 when I advised I wanted all prizes to 158 where I am regent and have been playing most , I have sent various tickets over last few years I have never had a meaningful reply to any of them . I stopped playing 57 when I was hacked opened and lost all my might , and renamed myself cheated ,  I think over time I have lost hundreds millions to lost glitches and hacks . Sent pics , any you always send an automated response which is meaningless


Posted by: xxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 05:49 PM

103 needs a cleaning furies out alt alliance all they do is try to ruin the fun. Answer tickets
1) equalitie I wait 2 months on bought  items. You close ALL tickets!!! Why do others get double what WE paid for.
2) fix glitched
3) remove the “hackers”
4) the support dit NOT change at all you close ticktes without reasing!


Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-26-2014 06:05 PM

Way to show your improvement. I have 2 tickets over 3 days now. This is a joke. Nothing has changed
So so


Posted by: xxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 06:10 PM

It all depends now on if you stick to your word and treat players as equal no matter if noobs, spenders, non spenders etc etc.
And also we need better compensation for our troubles if we have list 50 million t5 troops then we want 50 million t5 troops replacing please and possibly a goodwill gesture to show you care.
If this happens then I will continue playing and start spending again maybe but this also needs to happen across kabams range of mobile games like DOA heirs of the dragon etc not jyst hobbit.

Ok that’s my say now given i do you take notice!!!!

DarkDestroyer of Sarumon 4
Alliance shop


Posted by: xxx
On: 10-26-2014 06:16 PM

I would like to see the alliance shop refresh twice a day.  Our alliance is so big I have not been able to buy train with Gandolf in over a month due to world time variations.  I am in such a different time zone then hobbit and I would like them to honor and respect my time to be awake and my time to sleep.  I would love to see a refresh when I wake up in the morning or stock it with enough for everyone to get what they need! ! I do daily donations I should be able to buy what I need in the alliance store.  Thank you for listening.


Posted by: xxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 08:25 PM

—Quote (Originally by Novalak)—
Firstly great mail to the community, its good to see you sent the mail in game instead of just on the forum, as i think only about 10-20% people actually check the forums

Over all sounds promising, especially the customer support. I can tell you first hand we have had many people leave our alliance, quitting the game because of a bad taste in the mouth about support
The ones who hung around, laugh when you suggest putting in a support case. As a heavy user of KoM, i have seen an improvement in support turn around

Again, I think the replying in the forums by employees is improving as well. Obviously everyone wants every post replied to (which is impossible), however i think you have done enough to warrant a well done

I think where the game lacks is the disconnect in what players want to see in the game. Many players have played similar games etc and I personally like KoM more however there is some features or game concepts you can learn from these other games and incorporate (in your own way) into KoM

Asking senior players (paid and none paid – to get a balance) is what ive suggested for a long time, I think a BETA program is a good way of going about that. I use to be part of a BETA program years ago and people would get rewarded for finding bugs and giving feedback. Picking a BETA team will be hard by if picked right, will benefit the game and retention rate a great deal

The biggest requested feature in the last year has been server merges. This was indicated in February that its on the cards, then fell flat – this has been handled REALLY badly. I dont want to go on about other games and how they do it, because KoM is its own game and the reason why we love it, however in GoW you can leap from world (server) to world at any point in time. This might be a “too hard basket” to implement, however being able to merge servers as the customer base dies is a necessity in keeping up competition and retention

That is all
—End Quote—
Please add some ttrip chests as a reward for daily login rears even if it’s for logging in for a whole month I don’t mind but the rewards we get currently aren’t great to be honest, they are good but not enough I like troops as commitment rewards. Thanks


Posted by: xxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 08:30 PM

Please give us troop chests as log in rewards and add commas into the might counter by our player xp I have 39,836,627 but it’s shown as 39836627 so it’s difficult to establish how many troops I have.
Help me help you


Posted by: xxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 08:57 PM

Dear Kabam: For your sake I hope you are true to your words and you will live up to your promises. I don’t want to be angry at you or disappointed in you. I want to enjoy being a Kabam customer. I want to enjoy spending money on a game that I enjoy playing. I want you to succeed. Being successful requires making your customers happy. All of them. All the time, Every time. Remember, the customer is always right.

I would really like to see you integrate help and customer support into the game itself.  As other players have mentioned, not everyone goes to the forums. I am one of those who does not like having to leave the game and wade through a sea of message boards trying to find an answer or to send in a ticket.

I also want to be able to give items to other players, not just trade them back to you via sage tower or sell them for gold. I want to be able to give anything I have to any player I choose.

Thanks and good luck,



Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-26-2014 09:31 PM

“We are listening to our customers” part 2. See who’s stupid enough to fall for this again.


Posted by: xxxxc
On: 10-26-2014 10:18 PM

Well, all I can say is I hope kabam sticks to their word. My “no mith september and October” have been entirely relaxing not feeling disappointed in regards to purchases  haha. Kabam, you make one of the most popular games in app gaming. Cellular games are still on the uprise. Do right by your players and they’ll do right by you (yes spend money) and recruit more!


Posted by: xxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 11:04 PM

How about comps that arn’t biased to US timezones
gettin annoyed wakin up to the last hour of might comps…
Not just fluff.


Posted by: xxxxx
On: 10-26-2014 11:22 PM

Hope it is not just fluff. I am still getting kicked off every time I try and switch activities in game. Please see why, It is very annoying.



Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-27-2014 01:35 AM

—Quote (Originally by Kabam Dredge Pariah)—
This thread is dedicated to discussion and suggestions regarding the major changes occurring with Kabam Customer Support.
—End Quote—
It would be nice to see kabam improve but I am not going to hold my breath they are just mostly money hungry these days sad!


Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-27-2014 02:05 AM

Its one thing to say you sre listening to customers, but a comoletely different thing to actually listen amd own up to your mistakes….  If you fsck up and take someones picks….  And screw up…  U dont fix the matter by giving then a few hourglasses….  Especially when i asked for the picks back…  yi…  U are still the same old kabam…  Your only answer to any problem is lemme give you some hourglasses…  You still dont listen….


Posted by: xxxx
On: 10-27-2014 02:07 AM

—Quote (Originally by Kabam Dredge Pariah)—
Thanks for taking the time to write in and let us know how you feel about the new initiative.

We are certainly trying to improve every day even if that is a long road to walk. Look forward to all the changes to come!
—End Quote—
I just want you to acknowledge a problem.  It seams you are just blowing us off.


Wie oh wie?




AKO de pianist? Leon d Spaanse charmeur? Liptease? Gaat Angelique Janis Joplin zingen? Of gaan we plat voor Kots? Cabaret. Hoe het ook zij het wordt een prachtige finale.

Angelique vroeg wie moet ik nadoen. Ik vroeg Janis Joplin.

Ik @believeartmusic Bert @BertEulderink wensen ALLE KANDIDATEN toi toi toi en ook Hollands got Talent een kijkcijfer knaller @hgt_nl toe.

Tot straks tijdens de liveshow.

Daar gaan we dan. De jury is er. Lijnen aijn open.

Liptease opent de show weer zo lijkt het.

Allrounders deze ervaren dames, heerlijke show weer.

Auditie tot nu toe. Entertanment in elke vexel, “diamonds are a girls best friend”. Maar…….. Hoewel de opening top is, ging het een beetje mis in zang. Maar een genot om naar te kijken.

De dansgroep van Stefan de choreograaf, dit is boeiend.

KID. Geweldig goed…. Top flabberkasted.

Nu komt Angelique, beroerte, finale gehaald, stemartiest puur zang kan alles.

Vorige week super goed. Finale halen kan als ze de zenuwen in bedwang kan houden top 3.

Goldfinger, Shirley bassey, Skyfall een bond complicatie. Ze rijgt de songs aan elkaar op een knappe manier. Het zag er schitterend uit met die voorgeschiedenis….. Wat moet je zeggen. Behalvd hoppa weh zenuwen nu ik en dan hebben we iets te pakken hier.. Top.


De ander meiden groep. Tp4y heerlijke samenzang van de meiden, erg gegroeid naar de finale toe. Vergeet thuis aub de zenuwen, er kijken miljoenen mensen hier lezen er nu 10 miljoen yeah.

Auditie en nu dit is top!

3) jChanel
2 liptease
1 leon

Ebola outbreak cases pass 10,000

Ebola outbreak cases pass 10,000 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-29769782

The number of cases in the Ebola outbreak has exceeded 10,000, with 4,922 deaths, the World Health Organization says in its latest report.

Only 27 of the cases have occurred outside the three worst-hit countries, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Those three countries account for all but 10 of the fatalities.

Mali became the latest nation to record a death, a two-year-old girl. More than 40 people known to have come into contact with her have been quarantined.

The latest WHO situation report says that Liberia remains the worst affected country, with 2,705 deaths. Sierra Leone has had 1,281 fatalities and there have been 926 in Guinea.

Nigeria has recorded eight deaths and there has been one in Mali and one in the United States.

The WHO said the number of cases was now 10,141 but that the figure could be much higher, as many families were keeping relatives at home rather than taking them to treatment centres. It said many of the centres were overcrowded.

And the latest report also shows no change in the number of cases and deaths in Liberia from the WHO’s previous report, three days ago.

Eight countries have registered cases in the outbreak. In West Africa, Senegal and Nigeria have now been declared virus-free by the WHO.

‘Facts, not fear’

In the US, the governors of the states of New York and New Jersey have ordered a mandatory 21-day quarantine period for all doctors and other travellers who have had contact with Ebola victims in West Africa.

Anyone arriving from affected West African countries without having had confirmed contact with Ebola victims will be subject to monitoring by public health officials.

The voice battles deel 2


Team Borsato is er klaar voor. Ik ook @believeartmusic en Bert @BertEulderink en The Voice zelf @RTL_TVOH #TVOH. Vergeet niet op youtube en vine de clips en redroom te kijken.

Wij gaan live jullie ook? Veel plezier tot straks.

Britt Lenting ook.

Schitterende battle Marco jemig wie moet je kiezen? Het gaat gelijk op in de coaches wie oh wie gaat door. 2 power ladies knal song. Marco neemt mee Graziella.

De andere jonge dame nemen we afscheid van.

Hotel California een klassieker bij uitstek. En een battle top. Vivian en Pip. Houden elkaar volledig in stand. Win win kans. Pip 3x door de coaches. Publiek Vivian, zware dobber voor Ilse die Pip meeneemt.

Nu Vivian wel of niet….. Helaas.

Nu een heerlijke battle April zingt de sterren van de hemel. Mooie rap er tussen. Mooie balans super gedaan. Ali top battle. We want more. Wie er door gaat zien we zo.

Wow beiden mee. Top.

Team treintje Dennis met Remco dat wordt top. Super. Ze gaan een heerlijk lied zingen.

Remco zijn auditie.

Dit is echt super om te horen de ervaren Remco tegen Dennis hartenbrekers koppie. Mooie samenzang. Ik heb kippenvel. Beste battle tot nu toe.

Maar de battles van vandaag zijn extreem goed. Ilse kiest Dennis. Ali ook. Marco geeft nuance aan, Remco meer klassiek musicals, Dennis pop. This is it. Dennis gaat mee uiteraard ivm de pop kwaliteiten.

Remco helaas niet. We hebben genoten van je top gedaan.

Nu Marco met Britt tegen Bella. Miss selfie geen smartphone mee nu maar battle. Ze zingt qua uiterlijk uitstraling zang zeg ik Bella. Meer power in de stem. Britt overschreeuwd zichzelf zoals verwacht, die zal en moet door. Ze kan mooi zingen maar ging onderuit TE. Trijntje gaat voor Britt, Ilse Bella Ali ook. Ik zou voor Bella gaan. Bella. Miss selfie blijft thuis.

Alejandro tegen Guus team Ali dit wordt mooi. Mooi lied dit wordt een top battle. Ali wil een echte battle. Guus begint heel mooi, Alejandro pakt je meteen met zijn soulsound. Alejandro is het voor mij. Die stem heerlijk. Chillen. De coaches zijn verdeeld. Guus of Alejondro. Ali kiest voor Guus een veilige keuze ivm de liveshows en ervaring van Guus want het echte werk begint nu.

De laatste battle Gabriella en het trio in the Voice top.

Ja als eenling oef….

Wat een schitterend begin. De 3 meiden zijn zo aan alkaar gewend, Gabriella haalt uit haar tenen wat er in zit wat ook wel moet tegen het vuurwerk van de 3. Dit is een battle waarbij je eigenlijk geen keuze kunt maken. Gabriella is het gelukt om overeind te blijven. Ongelooflijk. Top. Trijntje kiest voor de meiden, Ilse ook net als Ali hij noemt ze hobbits ( ivm de film). Marco is nu aan de beurt, hij moet kiexen nu. Hij neemt mee. Het trio….. Gabriella gaat naar Ali.

De beste afsluiting ze verdienen het allebei.

De beste battle uitzending tot nu toe. Genoten top en.. Tata nieuw record 10,7 miljoen lezers.

Ps vine de redroom en youtube!


Laurie Beebe Lewis soon in San Diago


Featured Show

SAT OCT 25 2014
Kahn’s Cave Grill & Bar
San Diego, CA | 06:00 PM

Laurie is a multi talent. Played in severall bands like “The Mommas and the Papas” our interview is in the finish stage. But be honest who doesn’t want to see her live.

As a singer for “Pitche Blende” a great local band back in the early 1970s that thrived during the heyday of Michigan Rock ‘n Roll, Laurie achieved almost instant notoriety. She was a heartthrob to many of the boys that gaped slack-jawed at her sensual energy and natural beauty. She had an untrained yet powerful voice that could reach the stratosphere. As a young adult she moved to Chicago, joined “The Buckinghams” and never looked back. She achieved massive success as a full member of the “Mamas & the Papas” and toured with them for several years. Through her experiences in show-biz she gained an understanding of complex relationships within a wider social framework. She’s on a first name basis with several famous icons from the era and has been able to maintain these relationships to the present day. Laurie is able to see the divine in art, poetry, music and love.”

—  Robert “Bo” White,The Review

Queen Leo Simone

I had a blast yesterday with Queen, she rocks and the choice to introduce her was easy to make. Look at this awsome funny video and listen to the beat. I bet it makes you want to dance instant.

” Had a blast”

But she has more…. “Longer then life”

I hope you like these songs as much as I do cause you will hear and see more.


Dappled Sunshine book review gracie Thornes first hit book release

For sale on amazon.com Dappled sunshine but…. 2 left, sold out. Kinndle has a few left. Released by the authors house on it’s way to become a bestseller. 5 star reviews. Good reads for example.


Gracie is a close friend I kicked her but a few times to write this book. Finally she dit it. Took me 3 years. Know that it’s finidhed it does what I told her sell!

Gracie Thorne first hit is kinda like ” Out of Africa” the difference is her childhood versus Karen Blixens life. Humor, sadness, kindness in one.

If you start reading it and saw that movie you picture instant where you are.

Gracies life is a mix of emotion, hard life, humor, war and a radical change to choose for herself something she never dit before. In reading dazzled you cant stop. You want to finish it. Thank she writes part 2 as we speak, her revelation. I can’t wait to read it. Good sign me being impatience meaning it is a Dan Browm, Nici French like kind of book. It sells itself.

She writes in a awsome way her biografie and kept the tone that I know, with a great sense of humor a sad story. She learned to forgive herself, embrazed life, the only thinh that never changed is the angle inside her. It grew bigger.

She grew up in Africa Rhodesia (Zambia) her heart, mind body are there, her spirit to but circumstances forced her to move first to South Africa then another part of the world. The story of her life. Force. Reaching out, follow and forgetting herself. Untill you say “stop “.

She breaths Africa and takes you to a countrty loved by many and unfortunate grabbed by Ebola. It tells us what WE need to learn about Africa. How they people are. How she grew up on a small farm, how they where forced to leave it after colonidation ended and how she moved with some relatives to another country. How she still moarns about the loss of a relative and how she heard of another. All combined in a perfect pageturner. A book that all should read. Because her story is ours. Learn from it, buy it and make a movie, we so need a second “Out of Africa” after the colonies. I say 10 stars. Not because she is a best buddy! No because this book deserves it.

She still misses the old days… Dappled Sunshine is why Believe is created.

about Gracie Thorne the authors house Dazzeled Sunsine

Gracie Thorne began writing Dappled Sunshine in her late forties, after moving with her two adopted children and brain-injured husband to Ireland from South Africa. She has been described as deeply sensitive to the needs of others, always putting them first. Finally, she decided to put herself first in order to survive the conflicting emotions brought about by tragedies in her own life and her family’s life. This true-life story brings a message of deep hope, victory, and long-suffering, mixed with humour and fond memories of the author’s early childhood in Rhodesia. The message will inspire you and remind you never to give up hope, no matter how deeply you sink into depression and suicidal thinking after experiencing an unrecoverable loss. You are worth the fight. You are eternal and not as alone as you think you are.

Dappled Sunshine portrays life at its premium. Sunshine eludes the Thorne family as areas of shade smother their happiness and attempt to dampen their spirits. But hope springs eternal for every suffering soul as the Holy Spirit gives life and comfort in the most dreadful of times. The family’s joy is replenished through their contact with nature. Gradually, the Thornes’ pain is softened with new hope and with the realisation that life is indeed a journey from which one cannot escape. This enables them to continue with their hearts replenished with love and gratitude.

friends review

Gracie’s life was hard, it was very hard, but she did all the right things (apart from going back home on ‘that’ night, but love is blind and Gracie knows that very well!). Her love for children is touching even though they are not her own blood. The respect she shows for her children’s mothers is remarkably well written. The strength Gracie finds inside herself are a lesson for everybody.
Life doesn’t run on a straight line and Gracie knows that. We feel her troubles and we empathize with her, we see her fighting and we want to fight like her. And she will never lose. Because she believes.
“Dappled Sunshine” is funny and perturbing while having the courage to encourage us.