Kabam more and more in troubles

Author Jonathan aka Eddie Hobbit world 58 (thorin) 67 (garrion) 103 boring.

After all the info I signed up play in world 58 (hi snafu Eddie is my name happy hunting) and found nice information.

I was able to confirm with a friend here that unforgiven does have a hack that can be devastating if you attack one of their bases or wilds. This is a new hack toll and was never used on server 67 but apparently is quite common in world 103.

What I learned is the hack has 4 elements: exploiting server updates at server time 00:00 hours, bubble attacks, incoming attacks and taking advantage of time delay in the 2-step server “clearing” of battle logs.

But the trigger is any incoming attacks to them. If you never attack them, they can do nothing. But if you do send an attack, then within 24 hours they can then do a combination of things such as:

1) Break through your bubbles (depends on server time, it exploits a glitch when server time crosses 00:00 hours) within 24 hours.

2) Open your city with hero auto-unassigned – easy zero for them of all your troops. This part also is related to server time 00:00 and this part requires that there was an attack from you to one of their cities or wilds within the latest 24 hours. After 24 hours from your attack, the opportunity to exploit goes away.

3) If you attack and then bubble within 24 hours, they may also be able to take control of your account due to time lag for back-end servers to clear all battle transactions. Exploit is on data conflict and some confusion that creates to the server about which account is querying the logs. (There is a preliminary battle “clear” process, and then a final battle clear step to make sure all troops and troop losses are accounted for accurately. The final battle clearance step settles once per day at 00:00 server time.)

Google gives a lot like waxhack.com however moat tools do not work. You need server acces.

Believe cleans Kabam see ya at world 58 name Eddie Kang

Eileen Carey award winning country star rocks


“One of the hardest thing for human beings to learn is how and when to let things go. So when an artist like Eileen Carey comes along with a powerful message about doing just that, it’s a welcomed sight. The award-winning California-based singer/songwriter’s fourth and latest album LET IT GO features songs which follow through on the theme on letting go of those ties that bind us to the past and perhaps no song is more evident than the title track, “Let It Go,” a thumping up-tempo country pop tune about forgetting the small things or events from our past that lead to insecurities and indecisions of life.

“I always try to give people different options as a way to look at things,” Eileen says. “Because, unfortunately, this world’s been up and down and if I can get them to think about things that maybe they haven’t before, then maybe they can “Let It Go” and get to a better place in their life.”

The remainder of LET IT GO, which was tracked in Nashville and produced by Travis Allen Childress, follows this concept with the strong opener “Bring On The Big,” a radio-ready anthem about looking forward to what life has to give us while “Bottle Your Crazy Up” smolders as it tells story of a woman who moves back into the dating pool and finds Carey telling her friend to stop short of telling her life story. It’s the wisdom that comes along with a been-there, done-that mentality that only comes through life experience.

Along with the strong originals are a handful of covers, including a cover of The Motels 1982 hit “Only The Lonely,” The Katrina and the Waves 1985 hit “Walking On Sunshine,” and a cover of The Pretenders’ “Don’t Get Me Wrong” from 1986. Each song showcases a different side to the theme of LET IT GO and add a different layer of personality to the album. “Only The Lonely” comes at us with a retro-cool feel, “Walking On Sunshine” has that effervescent sheen of happiness that just makes you smile while “Don’t Get Me Wrong” is a smart modernized Pop/Country take on one of the 1980s most Iconic songs.

Eileen Carey is at the top of her game with LET IT GO. As such, everything about LET IT GO suggests an artist who has lived enough life to offer nuggets of wisdom and advice to anyone willing to listen.

Born and raised in Ohio but having called California home for over two decades, Eileen Carey’s career has grown from unknown to respected artist in that time. She’s won two Los Angeles Music Awards (2009’s Americana Album of the Year award for MOVE ON and 2010’s Producer’s Choice Award for Dance Single Of The Year) and also an South Bay (L.A.) Music Awards recipient. Eileen has been the artist Ambassador for the beauty salon chain Supercuts and has been recently sharing the stage with many of California’s premiere artists.
Carey was surrounded by music while growing up in the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio and became an accomplished drummer by the Age of 13. After growing up a musician throughout the region, Carey sensed the need to move on to bigger and better things than her small Ohio town could possibly hold for her so she set off for California in the late 1980s where she eventually studied acting, film and theater. The studying paid off as she has performed roles in films like Hoffa, Basic Instinct and the original Batman film, along with advertising c campaigns like Ray Charles’ national Pepsi commercial as one of his original “Uh-Huh Girls.”

With a life as varied and interesting as Eileen Carey has lead, it’s no wonder she’d be drawn to songs like “Let It Go,” the kind of songs that remind so many people that life is good if you just choose to let it happen.

“I just try to give people a different way of thinking, a different outlet,” Says Eileen Carey. And she certainly does that with her fourth album of new music, LET IT GO.”

Unforgiven terrors hobbit world 103.

AUTHOR Jordan Kingsley ps lucky was research team not writer articles.

Unforgiven 1 alliance 80% bullies around.


Voila bye bye

Meet a hacker


Line chat has severall groups via tor neywork called “Snafu”



Mate you bully the wrong person I am not playing games at kabam but BELIEVE HAS ENOUGH OF YOU ALL.

Most have a ban due to violating toss rules. They hacked wordpress to see who owns BELIEVE! We informed wordpress and the FBI.


Believe has all the insights. They use bypass alts to get in all the time.

Kabam hobbit banned games randagast 103 play tom event?

AUTHOR Jordan Kingsley ps lucky was research team not writer articles.

Impossible to do they are banned so no account but play in a might event? Kabam gets more and more in troubles. Cleaver use of hacktools?


But kabam takes action with the fbi yes moo doll beo xe more to come. Due to your stupidity.

Hacking wordpress was not so smart either rather stupid.


Ps we have all the screens and informed wordpress you hacked them to.


Kabam part 2 the hackers and FBI findings breaking news

AUTHOR Jordan Kingsley ps lucky was research team not writer articles.

Most where shocked after reading my post and 1 alliance realy hits another hard with different kind of tools what they seem to forget is that €*Lucky-€*Charm is no longer playing. She left the gameworld and found a friend tha changed the name and play’s.

The research is done. What follows are articles with proof. If need playnames to. Mooreslaw xeno 69 doll lilT and all players alliance Unforgiven world 103 Hobbit can stop harrashing my old account and its alliance. On behave of them I filed an FBI complaint. To leave them alone.


Read their term of surfice
https://www.kabam.com/nl/corporate/terms-of-service then you know how wrong unforgiven is. Moo used to work for kabam hobby harrashment. All will be posted on line

We enclose pictures of how easy it is and how shocking it is. The gamer brags about it to we have hundreds of screens of threats harrashment etc due to 1 dude. The FBI has started to investigate the group of:

Vova, most wanted list hacker fbi.

We stay tuned because for the first time kabam takes action, arrests have been made ties with vova are fired interrigated or under arrest. Employers fired but yet there are still employers and gamers paid by the big man.

However lucky left world 103 and hobbit. Our team has channels enough and information enough to cover this breaking news.

Stay tuned and updated we will not give up until “the men” os arrested and all close to him.











Ps lucky charm is a woman not the writer she dit research

Kabam games a real story to tell

AUTHOR Jordan Kingsley ps lucky was research team not writer articles.

Comments sended anonymous
“Kabam lost tickets a lot”
“I am waiting months on a refill”
“We experience many errors”
“I paid a lot got little back”
“Kabam started treathing us fair after this release”
” I hate you the FBI interrigated me”

1 sended me this:

Op 26 mrt. 2014 22:32 schreef “Kabam Support” :
Salutations ,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us back.

As a player myself, I can understand how this matter has been frustrating and I greatly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

After carefully reviewing your account and your concerns, I was able to grant you the
700 bronze, 300 silver, 14 jackpot!s and 20 hobbit runecrafters to suffice for the troubles you are running into.

Respectfully yours,
Kabam Support

The chests never arrived price 20 mithril per chest 240 cost 17,99 euro

In a few days a lot has changed. Some are arrested, banned and booted however Kabam is not yet there in a fair gamers policy my friend still waits for his chests. They fired 5 persons who helped “vova” we hope they arrest him and his gang soon.

First you find is this on wikipedia:
Kabam (formerly Watercooler, Inc.) is an interactive entertainment company that develops and publishes massively multiplayer social games (MMSG’s), including “Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon”, Kingdoms of Camelot. Before expanding into gaming, Kabam established itself as a social applications developer with entertainment and sports communities totaling more than 60 million users. Founded in 2006, Kabam has offices in San Francisco and Redwood City, California; Austin, Texas; Beijing, China; Seoul, Korea; Saarbrücken, Germany; and Luxembourg.

Kabam makes “free-to-play” games for social networking services, its own web site, and other game sites. The company focuses on developing “real games,” or games with gameplay mechanics akin to more traditional MMOs. In late 2009, Kabam launched Kingdoms of Camelot, one of the first successful strategy games on Facebook, but now the number of players is constantly shrinking (about 60,000).

Kabam founded by Michael and Kevin Chou is a fast growing game site with many free games such as Camelot and Hobbit made after the movies lord off the rings and the Hobbit movies. No need to say it has miljon of gamers 1 of us dived in the games to see how it works and how Kabam threats its gamers, because a company normally only cares about the sales.

It is an experience to play games and discover at the same time that Kabam does care about what input they get from gamers. However games and hacking is unfortunate a combination that is hard to deal with and even harder to find them.

We decided with a few to research what can go wrong and how Kabam reacted on it. But first I want to say that Hobbit and Camelot are great games to play and you do not need money to play it, of course you can buy a lot sales goes up so many buy tuns off stuff in the shop.

This story is told to state that hackers are everywhere we all know how they try to hack banks, governments etc and now the gaming industry, facebook, twitter, social media is “hot” because there is money to earn.

1 person however still has a case open for 1 month spended a lot of money and waits for the refill of 600 chests of troops. Fail kabam.

What happenend with Kabam? They grow and grow faster then expected so fast that 1 sneaky hacker found a way to sneak in, we call him Mikey. He signed in, worked there a couple of months as game tester and found his way in to a few games, Hobbit and Camelot.

He used collegeaus to back him, handled cases if ‘missing items’ and putted them in his own alliances in differend worlds. We discovered it and notified kabam. We expected a “you are crazy no one get get into our system. But after that first reply we gave names of employers closing tickets without answering them.

A few who spended a lot of money in the game got pretty angry meanwhile I stayed in touch with them, talking solves more then angry mails and finf a few of “mikeys” buddies as gamers and employers.

Kabam booted all of them instant, they dit what nobody expected. We have them a research of 6 months also to the legal autorities few cybercrime sites all over the world and the FBI.

Dispite all the efforts of the hackers Kabam can not promise a 100% security it does have a protection shield, a toss and players who use illegal tools get banned. Yes dear readers Kabam is not sales only but very carefull in the prefent hacking entries.

Google for example “free mits” “block user login” and you find a lotand yes it is funny to cheat spend free mits blow up scored or block a uses to login. But do you really believe it works without being discovered?

The shield now picks all who try and “mikey” a most wanted hackers is out of kabam, spotted busted in time and cannot get in the system because the authorities placed a trace tool. I expect his arrest soon cause his hired gamers made a lor of mistakes.

As we speak kabam gives back all that is robbed by this failed attempt and those who use tools let me tell you this, these tools are found blind in the servers.

Conclussion: thanks to Kevin Chou a few got arrested fired and the efforts of his game team is not 100% safe yet but they care about their gamers and help to solve all the “missing” tickets.

And the games, be carefull don’t get addicted. It is nice to play them and gives a lot of fun but still it is just a game and when you miss something write support, they will help.

So dear hackers this one failed and those who use tools get rit of them the ban comes as soon as you want some wannabees because you are traced within minutes.

Yet 3 reporters and cybercrime, interpoll, fbi AND kabam made it a lot saver to play.

Believe! Ps thanks to lucky a lot is solved

Boerenbedrog van Connie Harkema

Iedereen in Nederland kent “Boer zoekt vrouw”. Massaal kijken we elke zondag volgen elke bruiloft baby nieuws enz enz. Het is een enorme hit.

Connie zag inspiratie erin en schreef “boerenbedrog”. Een pakkende titel met als leidraad het programma “Hartenboer” waar iedereen massaal naar kijkt. De hoofdpersonen zijn een deelnemende boer Wouter, een kleine Friese gemeenschap, een jonge huisarts en diens familie en vrienden en de cameraploeg.

Het boek begint pakkend vanaf de eerste pagina en sleept je in een rap tempo mee naar intriges, complotten en bedrog. Connie heeft een spannende thriller gemaakt die zijn weerga niet kent. Een pageturner. Elk karakter grijpt je. De stille boer Wouter de hoofdrolspeler moet niets van al het gedoe hebben en dat wordt prachtig verwoord, een verliefde buurtbewoner gaf zich op voor de verkeerde boer uit wanhoop en de jonge huisarts vecht voor zijn plek op het platteland.

Connie is erin geslaagd om een prachtig boek te schrijven wat je moet lezen, wat draait om het lichaam van die ene vrouw die bij Wouter op zijn land wordt gevonden. Wat is er gebeurd? Daar draait het om, vindt de arts zijn draai en liefde. Het plot is erg intrigerend.

Een populair verhaal eindigt in een drama en ik kan natuurlijk rustig gaan schrijven over het hele boek maar dan is de kern al weg.

Dit is een boek dat je moet lezen een bestseller in mijn optiek en ik lees veel en leg veel aan de kant maar bleef lezen. De intriges en samenloop zijn zo goed bijeengebracht dat ik je aan kan raden het boek meteen te kopen.

En wie heeft wie vermoord????? Tsja dat weet ik, Connie en de uitgever.

Veel leesplezier.

Eileen Carey friend for life rising best US country star

“EILEEN CAREY/Let It Go: When you gotta make a living, it’s a long way from being one of the Ray Charles Uh Huh girls to being the ambassador for Super Cuts, but since Carey’s act is built around been there/done that and owning it while passing on the wisdom, it’s all good is the watch word here. Her messages don’t hit you over the head, and since Charles liked country music so much, it shouldn’t be such a stretch finding the transplanted Ohioan to LA tracking her music in Nashville.


All that and she still has time to cover ‘Walking on Sunshine’. A worthy successor to the divorcee pop pioneered by Dory Previn et al in the 70s, somebody has to chart the course for the rest. This certainly won’t take the guys away from March Madness but the girls have to be doing something in the meanwhile.” http://midwestrecord.com/MWRBlog.html